Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Megumi Fujii vs Jessica Aguilar 2 Set for this Saturday

Women's MMA legends Megumi Fujii (26-2) and Jessica Aguilar (15-4) face off for a rematch this Saturday for Vale Tudo Japan 3rd at the Ota Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan. Megumi is out to avenge one of her two losses in her final MMA fight while Jessica seeks to maintain the top spot in the strawweight division. Don't miss this historic fight!

We also had the honor of asking both ladies a short question about their futures prior to this fight.

Babes of MMA to Megumi: How will you be enjoying your retirement and what is next for you?

Megumi Fujii: I would like to rest, not think about fighting or training camps. I would like to relax for a bit, and then do something where I can give back to the Japanese MMA industry.

Babes of MMA to Jessica: What is next for you?

Jessica Aguilar: As of now, I want to focus on this fight, but would like to stay active.

Babes of MMA: Any talks about moving to Invicta FC?

Jessica Aguilar: There are some back and forth conversations, but as of now, I'm focused on this fight.

Thank you very much to Vale Tudo Japan, Megumi and Jessica! Good luck to both amazing ladies!


  1. Jessica Aguilar defeated Megumi Fujii via TKO (Doctor Stoppage) at 5:00 of round two.

  2. Via MMA Rising, "VTJ officials announced today that the result of the fight has been changed. Aguilar retains her victory, but the win will now be officially classified as a Technical Majority Decision."