Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fighter Babe Katy Collins Ready for a Bad Blood Rematch this Saturday

About a month ago Katy "The Red Dragon" Collins brought home the ShoFIGHT Women's Flyweight Championship with a victory over Sharita Fane-Davis. The bad blood has not ended between these two as seen in the last picture above but will be settled this Saturday in a rematch at Brawl Inc: Bike Rally Beatdown in Branson, Missouri at the Branson Visitor Center starting at 7 PM local time. Babes of MMA will proudly be sponsoring Katy for her battle this Saturday. Send your shout outs and good luck wishes to Katy on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Via Katy Collins, "For those of you asking, no, I did not get to fight... my opponent DID NOT show up to weigh ins Friday night... No show tonight. Highly disappointed."