Friday, April 26, 2013

Meet MMA Cut Woman Swayze Valentine

Say hello to MMA babe Swayze Valentine! Swayze is the first professional cut woman in the sport of MMA. We recently caught up with this Las Vegas based beauty to learn more about her background and what she does as a cut woman.

When did you first watch or get hooked on the sport of MMA?

-I first became hooked on MMA in 2006. That was the year I got to experience my first live show! The atmosphere was so powerful, and exciting, there is no greater feeling then watching it live!

Why do you love MMA?

-In my opinion MMA is the most raw and honest sport out there. These fighters are willing to sacrifice their minds and bodies to possible destruction. There is nothing more real than that. There is also so much respect in this sport! MMA carries such a huge support system. You build bonds quickly and become a family, with the fighters, officials, doc's, fans, expanding to all of their families. There is no doubt that the most stressful day for everyone, is fight day, so having that support is awesome!

Who are your favorite MMA fighters?

-That is a tough question. I love to work and be around everyone. I truly do enjoy my time with all of the fighters, I root for them all!

What made you interested in becoming a combat sports cut woman?

-The atmosphere is addicting and inspirational. After I went to my first live fight, I fell in love with the sport and wanted to be a part of it. The only offer for me at that time was to become a ring girl. So I did...Once. I immediately knew it wasn't for me, haha. Once I was dressed in my ring girl outfit, I was heading to the arena and had seen fighters getting their hands wrapped. It intrigued me, and I knew then, that was what I wanted to do. To me, there is no greater honor than wrapping the hands of a fighter. A few years following, I learned how to mend cuts and swelling. I ‘am blessed to have found something that I’ am so passionate about!

How did you get started as a cut woman?

-How I got started, I went to the closest MMA gym near me, which was Combat Fitness in Boise, Idaho. I went several times a week to wrap any fighters I could get my hands on! I would show up early and stay late, wrapping them then being there to cut the hands wraps off after their sparring sessions. After wrapping hands for a while I got in touch with Adrian "Tenacity" Rosenbusch to learn the cut side. I have been non-stop ever since. I travel all over the US practicing this craft and soak up everything I can!

What all is involved in the role of a cut person?

-A cut man’s duties are most importantly, fighter safety! Our job is to keep the fighter safe and keep them in the fight. A cut man’s goal is to stop bleeding and reduce/eliminate swelling. There is a lot involved in becoming a cut man. The training requires hours of practice, patience and dedication. This job is not for the squeamish or desperate. A cut man has to obtain a 2nd's license through the Athletic Commission in your state to be able to be in the cage or carry Epinephrine.

What were you doing before you became a cut woman?

-Before I became a cut woman, I had been mostly a stay at home mother since my oldest son was born in 2007. In 2010, I worked part time in the evenings from 3:30 to Midnight at an Air Force Inn for one year. I would travel 120 miles round trip to the Combat Fitness in Boise, Idaho, to volunteer to wrap fighter’s hands several days a week as well.

With the ladies now fighting and refereeing in the UFC when will we see your UFC cut woman debut?

-I have high respect for these strong women. I am so excited to see woman in the UFC. As for my debut, I continue to work hard to earn that opportunity, and loving every second of this journey!

For those who will inquire, are you single?

-Haha Yes... Yes I’ am!

When not busy patching up fighters how do you enjoy your free time?

-I really just love being a mother, spending time with my 2 boy's. Doing family thing's together. When I travel, I spend my time reflecting and seeing how I can be a better mother when I come home, than I was when I left. I'm always working on being the best mother I can be. And that takes up all my time! :)

Any shout outs you would like to make?

-I would love to give a shout out to my parents, they have been an amazing support system for me, and they watch my kids when I have to be away, I’ am so thankful for them! A Huge shout out to my children Landon and Kason, they motivate me to push through every day. Thank you to my Mentor Andrian "Tenacity" Rosenbusch for your time and dedication to me, you are so valuable! Everyone at the ISKA and NSAC. Jacob "Stitch" Duran, Rob Monroe, Don House thank you so very much for your support and guidance! Carla Duran, you are jewel! Thanks to Combat Fitness for giving me a place to start. Kids in Attic, your work is amazing! Fight! Magazine, Tuff-N-Uff, King of the Cage, Sin City MMA, Fight Life Media, Fight Life Radio, Joe Pic Photography. Thank you, Renzo Asparria, Matt Lindland, Angie Lindland, Aaron Hall, Scott McKendry and Dr. Ronda. Thanks to my crew Carey Fusco, Chrissie Dent, Kerry Hartney, Marcia Harmon Rosenbusch, you all have been treasures to me!! Thank you to all the fighters and fans; you are inspiration to us all!!!

Thank you for your time Swayze and keep up the great work in MMA. For more on MMA babe and cut woman Swayze Valentine say hello to her on Facebook and Twitter and next month watch out for the launch of her website

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