Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meet MMA Babe Heather Lynn

Say hello to MMA babe Heather Lynn! This 24 year old beauty is 5’4”, 110 lbs, measures 34-23-33 and calls Rockville, MD home.

Heather is a model, clothing designer and promoter for Slept Beauty, the women’s line for Slept Fightwear. Before multiple injuries stopped her Heather also trained in kickboxing for 4 years. Although not a MMA fighter she does consider herself a fighter. Everyone is fighting for something in their lives and Heather is no different in her fight against CRPS which she was diagnosed with after breaking her right foot earlier this year. This disorder might keep Heather from fighting or even ring carding but she is fighting it and nothing will stop her from being a part of the fight industry. Her favorite MMA fighters are Christopher Schommer, John Rivera, Spencer Fisher and Tim Sylvia all of whom are also a part of the Slept Fightwear family.

Outside the MMA world Heather is a model, writer and the founder of a non-profit organization. With three years of modeling under her belt Heather has been featured in such names as NLM Magazine multiple times, a WWFu Babe with WWFu Network, in Mariner Magazine and websites like HemiGirls, Darling Lingerie, Ronnie Mund and Pinup Lifestyle among many others. Heather is also a featured writer with a column called “A Models Memo” for Linger Magazine. One of her passions is helping others which she is doing through the founding of her very own non-profit called Let's Rock The Ribbons which helps over seventy causes throughout the year by spreading awareness and raising money for their causes.

For more on Heather please visit her Facebook and Twitter pages.

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