Sunday, November 27, 2011

Muay Thai Babe Liana Tunmer Back in Action Today

We recently got acquainted with Muay Thai babe Liana Tunmer.  This 28 year old beauty is 5'8", 62 kg and calls Manchester UK home.  Today Liana will step back in the ring at Camp Siam in Oldham Manchester for her second amateur Muay Thai fight.  Currently training at Spirit of Golden Cobra, Liana initially started her fighting career with some Karate and Kickboxing.  Not long after Liana discovered Muay Thai and has also worked on some BJJ which she will eventually take with her to the MMA world.  Liana's favorite MMA fighters include Felice Herrig, Tonya Evinger, Gina Carano, Michele Gutierrez and Kaiyana Rain.

Self described as a feisty character, very loud, bubbly and very passionate about everything she does.  Liana tried her hand at modeling but can't sit still long enough.  Liana is very expressive and spent some time singing and song writing as well but it was her love for fighting that has finally brought her to the ring.  Battling her brother growing up helped foster this appreciation of the combat world.

Glad we connected with Liana now so we can watch her fighting career progress from the very beginning.  Good luck tonight from Babes of MMA!  Reach out to Liana on Twitter @LianaTunmer.

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  1. Scored on points Liana was victorius over Lorraine Wainwright.