Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Women's MMA Reality Show Coming

Last week fighter Kim Couture announced on the Fightergirls Podcast that she will be a part of a new women's MMA reality show which will include her female fighter group The Vixen Crew as seen above courtesy of Girls of MMA.  The new show being taped by VH1 will explore the the lives of female fighters and is set to tape the pilot at the April 8th Tuffnuff event in Las Vegas.  We will be in attendance at this event and will bring you the latest news as we are informed.


  1. The fighters she picked are up and coming ammy' awesome is that?

  2. It's great to see more and more new dedicated ladies in this sport. It takes times but it really is coming along and hopefully the likes of Dana White will notice eventually.

  3. If we want Dana to notice, we need to be in his face about it! There is a list of Twitter usernames of the movers and shakers in MMA at

    We need to put the word out to these guys that we want to see the women's fights, or else it is ou own fault if they just fade away.

    It only takes a minute to send a tweet, and if they get enough of them, they will eventually realize that women's MMA is the wave of the future.

    So lets get out there and tweet in Dana's ear until he gives us what we want. After all, if Twitter could bring down the government in Egypt, it surely can get us some great women's bouts on mainstream TV!

  4. You are absolutely right and will check it out shortly. Great to have more people pushing this movement!!