Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ashley Salazar - The Strikeforce Experience

This past Saturday Strikeforce had two new ring girls on hand as part of recent contest they held via Facebook.  One of these lovely ladies was Ashley Salazar.  This Puerto Rican and Columbian stunner is 26 years old, 5'7", 115 lbs., and measures a curvy 34DD-26-36.  Born in Aurora, IL she began acting and modeling at the age of 14.  For six year's Ashley served in the United States Air Force and then earned her associates degree in Applied Sciences.  Ashley is now an accomplished artist, model, photographer, promotions event marketing specialist and MMA personality as a ring girl and amateur fighter.  In the summer of 2009 she founded MissOohLaLaa which showcases some of the best entertainment talent in the Midwest but will be expanding nationwide next month.  On top of all that she is also currently a full time student majoring in Mass Communications with a minor in Theater.

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Ashley to ask her a few questions about her MMA background and the coveted Strikeforce experience.  Read on to find out more about the beautiful Ashley Salazar.  This is truly an inspiring interview and honored to have Ashley share this with us.

How did you get into the world of MMA?

-The first actual live experience I ever had with MMA cage fights was in April of 2009.  I had seen it on television and was a wrestling cheerleader all throughout high school but I never experienced a live cage fight until then.  I was a ring girl for STL Warriors here in Saint Louis, MO.

After sitting cage side that night I was officially hooked and I fell in love with the dynamic art of MMA.  Of course I was attracted to the guys as well :) along with the determination of the fighters and the fact that they have NO fear.  To be honest I almost envision MMA like a rhythmic dance that is about taking and receiving energy.  It's all about how you use it, how fast you use it and to what precision and decisiveness you use it.  The sport truly is an art all in itself.

Tell us about your experience with Strikeforce this past weekend.

-Well I got to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger and shake his hand, I just said "wow" I was kind of star struck because he is such an amazing humanitarian.  Frank Shamrock sung happy birthday to my daughter for me on Skype Friday night which was so crazy and he offered for me to come train with him.  I got to meet some amazing, inspirational fighters that I have been following including Marloes Coenen, Antonio Silva, Josh Thomson, Josh Barnett, Frank Shamrock and some of them even took the time to watch my amateur MMA fights which just blew me away.  Marloes also introduced me to her boxing coach, offered to train me and gave me some great advice on keeping faith in my Strikeforce dream.  She didn't look at me like I was crazy and that the possibility of me fighting like her one day was an obtainable dream.

What was the best part of the Strikeforce experience?

-Meeting the match maker for Strikeforce and having Frank Shamrock offer me to come train with him which I am going to take him up on as soon as possible.

Who are your favorite MMA fighters?

-Alistair Overeem, BJ Penn, Marloes Coenen, Antonio Silva, Miesha Tate, Josh Thomson, Cris Cyborg, Josh Barnett, Gina Carano, Frank Shamrock, Darryl Cobb and Roxanne Modafferi.

What is something most people don't know about you?

-That MMA helped me stop cutting.  Growing up my life has been very hard, my mother was a drug addict, my step father as well and my birth father I never met until I was 14.  My real father doesn't care much to be in my life even though I am his only child.  To be honest I don't talk to them anymore because they are more damaging to be in my life than not.

During my military experience I went through hurricane Katrina and lost all my belongings.  At that time I was also married and had an ex-husband who liked to be abusive.

Because of finding my path along MMA and a year of therapy it has taught me to control my anger and pain for all the bad things that have happened to me.  I don't know how to quite describe it but it has given me some type of control back that I felt I lost a long time ago.  It teaches and gives me discipline, self confidence, patience and so much more.

What are your future plans or dreams?

-Well, I've been a fighter my whole life so it just makes sense for me to grow up and fight as a pro female fighter in Strikeforce one day.  That personally is one of my top five goals and dreams in my life.  I would say the others are: to see Miss Ooh La Laa go international, become a film director, see the event I am putting together Fight For Fashion (100% charity event) be a major success, it would be awesome to make it a permanent yearly event if I can make it happen and lastly just to live a happy life with my family.

Thank you Ashley for sharing so much of your background with us.  You truly inspire us and hope all your dreams come true. For more on Ashley check out her official website and on Twitter.


  1. Thanks for posting this great interview with Ashley. I hope she achieves all of her dreams and them some.

  2. My pleasure Chris and agree 100%! I was completely blown away with what Ashley shared and can't say it enough, it inspires.