Sunday, March 3, 2013

Babes of MMA Partners with Foxy Bingo

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Our friends at Foxy Bingo are no strangers to MMA and gave us some tips on how to prepare before a fight.

When preparing for a fight, most people neglect the mental aspect of it. Even if you have mastered all the skill sets and techniques, and possess stamina and strength, when you lack total confidence in yourself, it will affect your overall performance thus resulting in ultimate defeat. Whether you are a rookie or an experienced fighter, it’s best to fully prepare yourself mentally so that you can reap the benefits of having a sound mind, body and spirit which is the formula for success and victory.

Research a good martial arts school, and enroll in one. This is pretty much self-explanatory. When you see others in combat, it should push you to become more competitive, to improve and practice your training. It should be a positive catalyst. Don’t take it personally, you are all colleagues. Think of it as an exercise or game. Playing games are proven to improve your reaction time and decision making. You can practice these gaming strategies when you play online at There are a lot of promotions in store for you such as a Welcome Offer, New Guaranteed Jackpot Rooms, Weekly Specials and Loyalty Points.

Another tip is to apply yourself to a good training program. You can ask your trainer to help you with this. This will help you in your conditioning and in the long run, it will build stamina and will make you last longer during a fight like an Energizer bunny. The months of agony will pay off and you can be surprised how long you can last during a fight. Of course, losing weight is also crucial. Many fighters starve themselves and sweat in a sauna before a fight. This is highly inadvisable. When you are hungry, how can you last long during a fight? The trick is really logical; a couple of months before the fight discipline yourself with a steady diet and train regularly. These tips are pretty much obvious, but then again, easier said than done. With the right combination of these steps, you will be prepared physically and mentally in no time.

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