Monday, January 2, 2012

Meet MMA Babe Belinda Dunne

Say hello to MMA beauty Belinda Dunne. Most of our features focus on the ladies in the cage whether a ring girl or fighter but sometimes there are some amazing women outside the cage as well and one of them is Belinda Dunne! Belinda is the leader of the international female fight league “Princesses of Pain” which is based in Auckland, New Zealand.

This 5’9”, 130 lb beauty describes herself as strong and determined in business but once that corporate armor comes off she is a woman and likes to be treated as one.

Belinda is always on the go, currently running two businesses, working full-time and trains when she can. Princesses of Pain is her first love and currently working towards running it full-time. As women’s fighting continues to grow, Belinda also works full-time and has a television production company which will soon release its first reality show called “Career Bitch”.

Career Bitch is essentially a show about Belinda and the journey she is taking. Initially Belinda was a super nice and very sensitive person. She was a real purest who wanted to make a quality TV program about the amazing women of MMA. After eight years of trying she realized what TV is and what the viewing audience wants. People want drama and glamour. Belinda came to realize that sex still sells and morals are things we like to pretend are important to us. It is shows like “Jersey Shore” and “Keeping up with the Kardashians” that bring in the top ratings.

With these realizations Belinda has gone back to her modeling roots and using her profile to gain attention which certainly caught our eye among many others. Belinda found that this was a lot more successful than the twenty plus sports shows she has made.

These realities soon changed the super nice beauty and unleashed her temper. Tired of being pushed around and getting nowhere she started to push back. The results of this change felt good to Belinda. In her words, “nowadays I don’t bother working with people who can’t take the ride I am on. I’m no one’s momma and I expect my staff to put their big boy pants on when they come to work with me.”

Belinda told us that some of her viewing audience might hate her when they see Career Bitch but she is ready for that. She explains, “I know why I am making this show and I know some women will identify with the journey I am taking and the guys well they can tune in for a perve…LOL. Lifting my profile is going to be a good thing for Princesses of Pain, unleashing the BITCH inside of me is only going to make my league stronger and my show more interesting.”

Belinda and her family have roots in the martial arts world which created a strong love for the fighting world at a young age. She has two brothers and a mom who are Karate black belts. Belinda herself started training at a young age but in her early 20’s had a stroke behind the wheel of her car which resulted in some very serious injuries. She was medically unfit to fight so started promoting to stay in the sport she loves. Eventually she did get well enough to fight and stepped into the ring once and admitted, she sucked. With a slight handicap from the stroke she realized she wouldn’t be good enough at a sport that requires an athlete to perform at the highest standards.

Belinda’s toughness soon found her on the other side of the fight world with promoting which she admits she wasn’t too good at in the beginning. To support her league she started making sports shows about women in MMA. Now she is focusing on reality TV which she found to be more popular and brings a bigger audience. Time will soon tell what impact that change can have on her following and that of the Princesses.

This was definitely an interesting interview with Belinda. She left us with one final thought. “All I care about is elevating my profile so I can have the power to elevate my fighters. Some people won’t like what I am about to do, but hey walk in my shoes for a bit and then tell me you wouldn’t.” I personally am really looking forward to the new show and think Belinda’s experience, drive and determination will make her one to watch in 2012. To keep up with Belinda be sure to check out Princesses of Pain and on twitter @femalefighters and @CareerBitch.

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