Saturday, August 7, 2010

Elle "The HEAT" Stradtner - Ring Babe & Fighter

Is it really true?  Yes, we have found a babe that is both an MMA ring girl and fighter!  Meet Lauren Stradtner who goes by the MMA name Elle "The HEAT" Stradtner.  This 21 year old MMA babe was born and raised in Alabama but currently resides in Fort Collins, CO.  The 5'4", 120 lb. dynamo and proud new mother won her very first amateur MMA fight and is currently training to get back into the ring.  Below is our Q&A with this MMA babe.

How did you get into the world of MMA?
-I broke up with my boyfriend on Valentine's Day, so on the 15th I went to the gym to hit the bags and let out some anger. There was a team of guys training together and I asked the trainer "How can I get into this? I wanna fight!" He said "Be here tomorrow at 7pm" I was there every day after that till my fight. It's the perfect sport for me.

Do you like ring carding or fighting better?
-I don't think I can pick one over the other. I enjoy fighting because I get to let out my Alpha female, release anger, I can keep up with most guys, stay in great shape, and the training is a lot of fun. Ring carding on the other hand brings out a whole different side of me. I get to be sexy and feminine, I don't have to get knocked in the face :) and it's really fun to just be girly sometimes.

Who is your favorite MMA fighter?
-George "Rush" St-Pierre. He is very respectful and definitely one of the world's best fighters. He always puts on a great show and he's a smooth talker.

What are your hobbies?
-Modeling, ring carding, Dj'in, go-go dancing, cage fighting, working out, singing and playing the guitar and Super Mario Bros 3! It's awesome that my hobbies are my jobs, I love it.

Are you single?
-I am in a relationship. I am a single mom, but I have an amazing boyfriend. He has been chasing me for 2 years. I finally gave him a chance and I really love him.

What do you look for in a guy?
-I look for a man that is very strong and manly, but has a secret soft sensitive side that only shows when he's with me. He needs to be confident, but still protective of me. I like a little jealousy and I love to be showed off.

What are your turn-ons?
-A man that knows what he wants and will do anything it takes to get it. It's the aggressiveness and the go getter attitude that attracts my attention.

What are your turnoffs?
-I am really turned off by a lot of hair. I like it on your head and that's about it. Also, I am turned off by rudeness and closed mindedness. I am open to almost all new experiences and that's part of what makes life so great.

What would you say is your best feature?
-My best feature is my personality. You will never meet someone else like me. I will be myself around anyone and I am a lot of fun.

What are your future plans or dreams in life?
-I would like to own my own business that revolves around fitness, beauty, health and relaxation to help people reach their weight loss goals.

There you have it.....MMA ring babe and fighter Lauren Stradtner!  If any promoters or fans want to say hi feel free to leave her a comment here or check her out on her MySpace and Facebook pages.  Thanks for your time and we look forward to your next fight Lauren!!

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