Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fight Chix CEO Babe Elisabeth Nuesser

We recently had the opportunity to interview Fight Chix CEO babe Elisabeth Nuesser.  Check out the interview below and some sexy pictures from a recent photo shoot.

How did you get into MMA or what caught your attention about this sport?
-Well I would have to credit my husband Jake for getting me into MMA.  He has trained in martial arts his whole life and has taught MMA, women's self defense and Jeet Kune Do.  So he got me into it, and then I really got interested through TUF and seeing what these guys are like outside of the cage.

How and when did Fight Chix get started?
-Fight Chix started in February of 2006.  Basically I had been a fan of the sport for a while but became frustrated that female fans were forced to wear blood and skulls and basically men's designs that were put on a female's shirt.  So late one night I told Jake how frustrated I was with the clothing and he told me to start my own line.  I came up with the name Fight Chix, and he is a designer and came up with a logo and shortly after a website.  The rest is history!

What were you doing before you started Fight Chix?
-I have been a hair stylist for over 7 years.  I still do hair today.  I love it--it's like a creative escape for me.  I also was a bartender for a few years.

What are your inspirations?
-Charles MASK Lewis is a huge inspiration.  His attitude towards life, his passion and belief in his vision are an inspiration. Those are things both my husband and I share.  I am inspired by the people who love our brand.  We have testimonials from women all over the world who have overcome struggles in life and identify with being a Fight Chix.  I am also inspired by my parents...they are so hard working to this day and I know I got my work ethic from them.
What are your interests and hobbies?
-Jake and I have two children, so when we are not working on Fight Chix we love to spend time with them.  I also love to do hair, like I said before, and with such a busy lifestyle just having some down time is nice to have.  I also like to stay in shape with cross fit style workouts!
What does the future of Fight Chix behold?
-We recently released our Gi's and Fight Shorts, so we were excited about that.  We have some great accessories coming out at the end of summer, a purse, bowler bag and wallet.  We also will have wristbands and a really cool new hat!  We just released a Knock Out Breast Cancer shirt with a portion of the profits going to breast cancer research and we just sponsored a team of women in the breast cancer Avon walk in Chicago.  So we want to continue to grow and also help empower women where ever we can.
Thank you for your time Elisabeth and Jake!  Elisabeth and the whole Fight Chix team are truly an inspiration to the MMA world.  See for yourself and check them out now at FightChix!

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