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Jamie Colleen Defends Her KOTC Strawweight Title this Saturday

Fighter babe Jamie Colleen (3-0) defends her strawweight title this Saturday for King of the Cage: Night of Champions at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario, California. Fighting out of Philadelphia and New Jersey we recently caught up with Jamie prior to her big title fight this Saturday for the interview below to learn a little more about her.

How did you get involved in MMA and how long have you been training?

-I got involved in Martial Arts roughly 10 years ago while living in South Carolina. My friend was an instructor and convinced me to try some classes. After my first class I never stopped training. I discovered my passion and realized that it was a path that I needed to embark on. Under the guidance of Maurice Travis, I competed in amateur boxing and kickboxing fights. I later moved to Cincinnati and made my transition to MMA.

Where are you currently training, and what's a typical training week like for you?

-I am currently training in Philadelphia and New Jersey under Dante Rivera, Bobby Johnson, and Daniel Gracie. (Dante Rivera BJJ, Ricardo Almeida BJJ, and Daniel Gracie Academy).

-A typical training week for me involves lots of commuting. Lol. And Because I am a single parent, I try to get most of my training in during the day while my daughter attends school so most of my sessions are back to back. But for the most part a typical training week consists of sparring, pad work, Jiu Jitsu, as well as strength and conditioning and wrestling.

Tell us about your upcoming fight, who you're fighting and where?

-My upcoming fight will take place on March 5th in Ontario California. It will be a rematch against Danielle Taylor (6-1).

What is your best experience as a fighter? What is your worst?

-It's really hard to say actually because I don't think I've ever had a "worst" moment. For me, I have experienced trials and tribulations as a fighter, and all of those things have molded me into what I am today. It's all about progression and growth and that's what makes the overall experience the best that it can be. If you can embrace the pain and trials along the way and know you will become a better human being because of it, it makes it all worth it. And that for me is the best experience overall.

What advice would you give to other women who are reading this interview and want to get started in MMA?

-My best advice would be to take your time if it's something you truly want to pursue. For fitness alone, I think it's the best thing that will help shape you mind and body. On the competitive side, you have to realize that it's an uphill battle and to become skillful in each of the martial arts, takes time, commitment, sacrifice and 100% effort every day. I would encourage anyone to try!

What or who are your inspirations in MMA and life?

-My main inspiration comes from my daughter. I am inspired by her to be the best version of myself both in and out of the cage.

Who are your favorite MMA fighters?

-I love Anderson Silva and Holy Holm.

How do you enjoy your free time when not training or fighting?

-Well, I have to say I am always training even when I don't have a fight coming up. It's my happy place :) But, when I'm not in camp my daughter and I are always finding fun things to get into. Also, I'm a total foodie, so I try to hit a new restaurant in Philly every week.

Lastly before we let you go we would love to hear about your future plans and let you send some shout outs.

Any future plans or dreams?

-I hope to be UFC Champ.

Any shout outs you would like to make?

-I would like to thank my coaches Dante Rivera, Bobby Johnson, Maurice Travis and Daniel Gracie. I want to thank all of my teammates and training partners, as well as my family and friends who have always supported me.

-My sponsors: Syntha-Bag, XfinityLive, DaFirma Kimono Company, EyeFight Sports Nutrition, Dragon Do, iMan TV, Philly Phitness, Meal Plans to Go, Bouchard's Anything's Pastable and Brocato's Italian Market.

Thank you very much for your time Jamie and good luck on fight night! Click here for ticket information and listings for cable TV stations broadcasting this event live. Send your shout outs to Jamie on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Photos courtesy of Jamie Colleen, Aaron Talasnik at Philly Phitness, Lance Emery Photography and KOTC.

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  1. Danielle Taylor defeated Jamie Colleen via TKO at 2:15 of round 5.