Monday, December 3, 2012

Fighter Babe Briannah Conatser Returns to the Cage this Saturday

Fighter babe Briannah “MEANA” Conatser returns to the cage this Saturday for a 135 lb clash with Hannah Zesiri at ShoFIGHT 24 in Branson, MO and streaming live on GoFightLive for $9.99. We caught up with Briannah as she prepares for her return to the cage this Saturday.

How did you get involved in MMA and how long have you been training?

-I got involved in MMA through my Fiancé actually. He was fighting for an event that was giving its proceeds to a child that needed a heart transplant. After that he took another fight and never stopped. Along the way I decided to try it and fell in love with it and that was all she wrote....haha.

Where are you currently training, and what's a typical training week like for you?

-I train in West Plains, Missouri with the rest of my team! I have to work a lot so I don’t get to train as much as I want but we have some great packed late night sessions on Sundays.

Tell us about your upcoming fight, who you're fighting and where?

-Well my next fight is this Saturday at Branson Central Theatre against Hannah Zesiri.

What is your best experience as a fighter? What is your worst?

-My best experience would most definitely be that I've got to fight at all. That I have experienced it! I've learned from every loss, every win, and every opponent. You learn a lot! It makes you strive to train harder and constantly get better. The worst experience to me is having to fight coming off of injuries and hecklers! Lol

What advice would you give to other women who are reading this interview and want to get started in MMA?

-Train hard and don't let anybody tell you that you can't do it. Just because they haven't done it doesn't mean you can't!

What are some of the hurdles that you think Women in MMA need to overcome before Women's MMA will be considered a top level sport like Men's MMA is today?
-The only thing that bothers me is women who are worried about a man’s approval of whether they believe they belong in the sport. Even if they don't, we're here! It takes energy and mind to be upset; nobody needs that!

What or who are your inspirations in MMA and life?

-Family, friends, fight family! My son! My fiancé inspires me, he helps me a lot. We work together a lot in my free time with grappling and tosses and his sister! Katy! Everybody helps me a lot!

Who are your favorite MMA fighters?

-Megumi Fujii, Sarah Kaufman, Hisae Wantanbe, Jessica Penne, Jessica Aguilar, Herbert Morgan, Katy Collins, Lyoto Machida, Frankie Edgar, Dan Hardy, once again a lot!

How do you enjoy your free time when not training or fighting?

-Everything any girl likes to do! Lol! Shop, spend time with my family, and catch up on Vampire Diaries! Haha. I also like arts and crafts! I'm crafty :).

Of course we have a few questions for the male readership as well.

Are you single?


What do you look for in a guy?


What are your turn-ons?

-Pretty Eyes.

What are your turnoffs?

-People who suck their teeth to try and clean them! Bleh

What would you say is your best feature?


Any future plans or dreams?

-A lot! To be successful in something I love! To travel to awesome beautiful places!

Any shout outs you would like to make?

-No doubt! Konvix Fight Team! Street Waves Tattoos! All three of my coaches - Josch, Wendi, and Jade! My family, friends, and everybody who supports me!

Thank you for your time Briannah and good luck on fight night! Click here or the event poster above to watch the fights streaming live this Saturday on GoFightLive for $9.99. For more on Briannah please visit her Facebook and Twitter pages.

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  1. Briannah's fight did not happen. Hannah did not make weight but Briannah offered to eat and bulk up to be closer to her opponent in weight and still fight the next day. After all that Hannah was a no show on fight night.