Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ultimate Women's MMA Weekend

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month two MMA organizations have put together incredible cards featuring women's MMA at its finest and also donating to groups like It Ain't Chemo and Oklahoma's Take Charge Program.

Blackeye Promotions 5 Breast Cancer Beatdown takes place Saturday at the Western North Carolina Agricultural Center in Fletcher, North Carolina and will also be available online here.  Check out the ladies scheduled to fight on this card!

-Roxanne Modaferri v. Barb Honchack (picture 3) 125 lbs.
-Charmaine Tweet v. Anna Barone 155 lbs.
-Leslie Smith v. Ediane Gomes 145 lbs.
-Chelsea Colarelli v. Patricia Vidonic 120 lbs.
-Ashley Cummins v. Angelica Brotherton 115 lbs.
-Sarah Schneider v. Ivana Coleman 120 lbs.
-Amy Davis v. Meghan Wright 105 lbs.
-Ashley Greenway v. Danaea Makemson 115 lbs.

Freestyle Cage Fighting 49 Fight Strong for the Cure also takes place on Saturday at the Firelake Casino in Shawnee, Oklahoma and features an all-woman fight card seen below.

-Kaitlin Young (picture 4) (4-5) vs Liz Carreiro (5-7)
-Sarah “Too Sweet” Alpar (2-0) vs Heather “Hurricane” Clark (picture 5) (3-1)
-Mollie Estes (0-0) vs Lacie Jackson (1-0)
-Sarah Maloy (picture 6) (2-2) vs Amanda LaVoy (2-4)
-Jackie Enos (0-0) vs Latoya Walker (0-0)
-Angela Baltimore vs Nikki Taylor-Nikki Lowe vs Ashley Delk
-Candace Eich vs Jade De Haas
-Jinh Yu vs Cristina Crist
-Kathina Caton vs Cheryl Boling

If you like women's MMA then this is the ultimate weekend!  Every fighter, promoter, sponsor, fan and more just make this sport better by the day and hopefully one day soon the likes of Dana White will take notice.


  1. Blackeye Results - Sarah Schneider defeated Ivana Coleman via 1st round armbar,
Amy Davis defeated Meghan Wright via 1st round TKO, Edian Gomes defeated Leslie Smith via unanimous decision, Patricia Vidonic defeated Chelsea Colarellia via 2nd round rear naked choke,
Anna Barone defeated Charmaine Tweet via 1st round KO and
Barb Honchak defeated Roxanne Modafferi via 3rd round rear naked choke.

    FCF Results - Kaitlin Young defeated Liz Carreiro via 1st round TKO. Molly Estes defeated Lacie Jackson via unanimous decision,
Heather Clark defeated Sarah Alpar via 3rd round rear naked choke and
Latoya Walker defeated Jackie Enos via 1st round KO.

  2. Ashley Cummins vs Angelica Brotherton (staph infection) and Sarah Maloy vs Amanda Lavoy (withdrew) fights did not take place.