Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Win Natasha Wicks Autograph Tonight

Former UFC octagon babe Natasha Wicks will be on the official radio show of Pro MMA Now at 10PM E.T. tonight.  Tune in to The Cageside Beat here for more information and your chance to win your very own autograph from Natasha.

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  1. I listened in on the interview and here is what was discussed in case you missed it. Since her UFC days Natasha has moved from Las Vegas to Los Angeles where she has been working on modeling and acting including the show General Hospital. She is also a current BSN Supplements spokes model and calendar girl. A brief history of her past and the process to becoming a UFC octagon girl was then talked about. Next they spoke of her dismissal from UFC. She still never received a concrete answer why Logan and here were let go. Her contract was not up and all Dana White would say is that they were going for a different look. As for rumors about her commenting on Josh Koscheck faking an eye poke she doesn't think that had anything to do with it. The other rumor had to do with Arianny Celeste losing her thunder and most believe they ousted Natasha and Logan because of this. Natasha said there was no fighting but some tension with Arianny the last few fights but she has no hard feelings towards Arianny or the UFC. Before the trivia questions to win her autograph she mentioned that she is the February, July and December model on the BSN calendar. Check out for her bio, monthly blog or to buy the calendar currently on sale which I will include in another post shortly. I submitted the trivia answers in hopes of an autograph. If I win I will be sure to post a picture here.